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A community for the Time Lady Romana from Doctor Who.


1) All content must be related to Romana, it is the purpose of the community after all.
2) Lets all play nice. Naturally disagreements happen, but there is no excuse for not being respectful.
3) No ship wars or character bashing please - they really are pointless.
4) Any large chunks of text must go under a cut.
5) ALL NSFW content must go under a cut with a suitable warning.
6) If spoiler warnings ever become nessesery - hey, they might - please use them. It's only nice.

We welcome the following:


We welcome fanfics of all kinds! From Gen to Het to Femmeslash, as long as it involves Romana somehow. All fanfic must be put under a cut, and the use of a proper fanfic header is much appreciated.


If you've got Romana based graphics, we want them. Kindly though only include three teaser icons before you link to your journal or do a cut. All large graphics and pictures must go under a cut, ditto for all NSFW content.

Discussion Posts

We welcome all discussion posts as long as they remain vaguely on topic (i.e related to Romana in some way). However if the discussion post is lengthy (you guessed it) put it under a cut please.

Anything else I've forgotten that is Romana related.

Mod Contact Details

If you need to get in touch with a mod please feel free to PM [personal profile] daphnie_1 (that would be me). Or you can comment on this screened post


There is our wonderful sister community Romanafen over at LJ. They can be found here.
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